Agent 918921

Agent 918921

It's about a 14 year old agent who is sold to a scientist who injects dangerous chemicals and experiments trying to make a weapon. Read on as she discovers hidden powers, new friends and more! I will update a chapter every week. So all the chapters shall be in this title. Enjoy the story!

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She walked down the street, thunder rolling in the distance. Lightning flashed overhead followed by an explosion. Rain started pouring down on her. People around her hurried inside a shop or under a balcony. She took a breath and kept walking calmly. She knew that her cover story as a party planner had payed off, giving her a creative mind. She stepped into an ally, where she was supposed to meet “Him”. That was his code name. He was the best agent in the agency. A knife flew out of nowhere. She did a backflip and landed with ease.
“Hold your Fire! It’s me Agent 918921. I was sent to see “Him”.” She raised her hands over her head as her attacker stepped out of the shadows. He had a knife in hand as he walked over to her.
“Who sent you Agent 918921?”
“The C.A.T Agency”
“Ah, some old friends trying to recruit me, huh? Did they tell you why they sent you instead of a grown agent?” He said in a sarcastic tone. She started to think why they did make her do it instead. She took out an envelope that was sealed for only his eyes.
“This is for you sir.” She carefully tossed it into his hands. He looked at the envelope. He read it, a crooked smile growing showing razor sharp teeth.
“So, do you know what this means?” He said. She started to get anxious to head to home base, wanting to be with her friends and family instead of going on this mission. To say the truth she is 14, a skilled martial artist.
“No, sir, I don’t.”
“Then read it!” He snapped with rage shaking his voice. He threw down the envelope. What she read changed her perspective of who really are her family. She crumpled the note in her hand and threw it, sobbing. She was sold as a scientist’s toy, she was to be tested on every day with many dangerous chemicals. Lightning flashed in the sky hitting a building next to the ally. She felt something puncture her arm. She felt warmth spreading throughout her body. The world spun around her as she blacked out.
    Mumbling, is all she could hear. A blinding light was shining in her eyes. Followed by a hand. Her entire body ached. She yelled out in pain, but started hacking and coughing. A person came over to her and said “Are you ok? where do you hurt?”
“All over..” She moaned as another hacking fit seised her body. The person snapped his fingers as another person, smaller this time brought over a needle.. He carefully injected it into her shoulder. Almost immediatly her pain was gone. They unlatched the chains off her and helped her sit up.
“Come on girl! We have to get you to your room.” They both took a hand as they helped her get up. A wave of nausia swept through her as she gagged. The smaller person pulled her to a trash can as she threw up. The smaller person, who’s name is Brandon rubbed her back as another hacking fit went through her.
“You’ve been asleep for 100 years, how do you feel? We’ve been trying to save your life since we rescued you from a maniac who was injecting drugs into you and other dangerous chemicals. He turned you into.. something. So we decided that it’d be best if you stay with us.”
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Comments (2)

Wow this is awsome!
on July 17, 2013
animal story, yay!
on July 17, 2013