Lover Or Murderer? (part 3)

Lover Or Murderer? (part 3)

This story is about a girl named Aron who moved to a new town and doesn't know anyone but her crush/friend Jeffry, but jeff has some things from his past that might not let him.. open up to Aron.

published on July 15, 2013150 reads 47 readers 8 completed
Chapter 1.

Another Boring Day~

         I woke to the sound of my parents walking up and down the stairs.
   My mom came into my room and turned the lights on.
            "Aron come on get up, you're going to be late!"
            "Ugh I know mom, I'm up..." I moaned, as I closed the door to get dressed.
   I always hated waking up early, expesually for school in general.
         my step dad had brought donuts that morning so I grabbed one and grabbed my back pack and went out into the van.
   I saw Jeffry walking down the road.
            "Hey Jeffry! want a ride?" I said waving to him through the open car window.
          He shook his head and kept walking.
    I got out of the car and ran to him, the scars on his mouth looked like they had just recently been dug out again, bloody he looked at me.
            "J-Jeff what happened?" I asked.
           No answer.
            "Is it because of what I did last nigh-"
            "Am I beautiful Aron?" He asked in a serious tone.
            "W-what why would you ask that Jeffry of course you are!"
          He looked even more wide eyed.
            "Please tell me Jeff, what happened?!" I said worriedly.
            "I made my self beautiful, I'm smiling aren't I?" He answered.
            "I guess this isn't good enough for you." He pulled a knife from his pocket and put it to his mouth.
            "Jeff what are you doing!" I said grabbing the knife.
            "Jeffry listen to me, you look fine I like you just the way you are! Please don't do this to yourself."
            "I see.." He said grabbing the knife from my hand and stashing it back into his pocket.
            "If you won't let me give you a ride, the I'll just meet you at school, ok?" I waved and went back into the van.
   While we drove my mom turned and said,
            "Aron honey, your aunt is ill and tomaro is Saturday, so we're leaving you alone this weekend to go visit your aunt.. alright?"
            "Ok.." I said yawning.
            "And remember before you go to bed to LOCK the door." My step dad cautioned.
            "Yeah, yeah ok I heard you."
   They stopped at the school, and dropped me off.
I walked over to the end of the school where Jeffry was laying under a huge shady willow tree.
             "Can I sit?" I said smiling at Jeff.
             he slowly nodded.
             "Ugh, it sucks my parents are actually leaving me alone  this weekend! Can you believe that?" I sighed.
             "Oh...really?" He giggled.
             "Are you ok?' I questioned.
             "I'm fine.. I was just... Thinking."
             "Maybe since my parents are going to be gone.. do you wanna' maybe hang out?" I asked shyly.
             "Sorry.. I have 'things' to do, maybe another time.. ok?" He answered.
     The bell rang.
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Comments (8)

GREAT! Ur an AMAZING writer!! Keep working!!
on February 23, 2016
Omg...Great job! I dont care if things are spelled wrong...It just matters if I can read it!
on February 13, 2014
Make more!!!
on September 30, 2013
is it still not done??
on July 18, 2013
im making it today sorry for the wait.. i was still writting.
on July 17, 2013
where is it??
on July 17, 2013
Where is the rest of the story i'm waiting!!
on July 16, 2013
Yo Mary! Make da number da pho!!! Later!
on July 16, 2013