Lover or Murderer? (2)

Lover or Murderer? (2)

So thanks for all the good feedback guys I'm going to keep writing thanks to you guys so I really hope you enjoy! This story is about a girl named Aron who moved to a new town and doesn't know anyone but her crush/friend Jeffry, but jeff has some things from his past that might not let him.. open up to Aron.

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Chapter 1.

Making friends~

        The bell rang, I walked into class and picked the seat in the very back by the window.
     I yawned and looked over at the door to see the boy from last night, He sat in the back also, just two seats away from me.
          I could sort of see his face, pale, wide blank eyes, but the rest was either covered by his shoulder length black hair or white hoodie.
           The teacher then began to call out role.
              "Umm here.."
              "H-here." The boy said raspy voiced.
          After the teacher called out all the names, she told us we could have some time to get to know each other for a few minutes.
      I scooted over to Jeffry's desk,
              "So your Jeffry huh?" I asked.
              He looked up at me revealing his scared mouth, and nodded.
              "Oh ok, so I saw you from my balcony last night.."
              He didn't say anything.
              "So are we neibors?" I smiled.
              "I guess so.." He said in almost a whisper.
              'I was wondering, since we are neibors, wanna be friends?" I asked nervously.
              He looked up at me.
              "My friend?" He asked.
         He giggled a little under his breath.
              "Sure, ok Aron..." he smiled.
              "alright then.. I was also kind of wondering if you could like walk with me home.. I've never been good with directions."
          He bit his nail, smiling more than before.
              "sure.." he responded mysteriously.
          After we were done talking the teacher told us to sit back down and we went on with the rest of the school day, until it was over.
            I grabbed my backpack from my locker and hung it over my shoulder, searching for Jeffry.
              After twenty minutes of looking for him, I nervously began walking alone.
          I turned and took the long deserted dirt road, where I could think in peace while I walked.
              I sometimes heard things rustling around in the thick sagebrush as I walked.
         And then finally I heard a stomp and turned to see Jeffry.
              "Woah, hey you scared me." I laughed.
              "where were you when I was looking for you?" I questioned.
              "Never mind that, why are you walking this way.." jeffry questioned back.
              "Its dangerous.. expecually walking around here alone." he said.
              'It's fine Jeff, I can fend for myself.." I said grumpily walking passed him.
              "Alright then.." He sighed.
         Finally we reached our street I thanked Jeffry and walked inside.
              "How was your day, Aron?" Me step dad asked.
              "It was fine." I said grabbing a Pepsi from the fridge and walking upstairs to my bedroom.
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Comments (5)

aww, romance:x<3
on July 14, 2015
im so intreaged I need to hear more :D
on July 07, 2014
*Gasp* He said "go to sleep"... I'm not too scared of Jeff anymore...But I love all of these!
on February 13, 2014
why thank you I tried my bestest :3
on July 16, 2013
oooh! This is gonna give me more nightmares
on July 16, 2013