A Bright Light

A Bright Light

This is just a short story that i wrote at school in an english lesson,so please comment.

published on July 15, 201314 reads 8 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.

Not maths!

Wandering around the dull, unloved; dirty school corridors. Whichever way she faced, she could glimpse either peeling paint or unpleasant chewing gum sticking to the horrible walls of Longdale High School. Amelia Thompson: long; wavy; dark brown hair along with hazel eyes, about the height of an average 12 year old girl with a respectable personality, was heading over to her classroom.
"Hey Amelia" Bethany Yelled.
"Hey Beth hows your weekend?" replied Amelia.
"It was okay,I guess" responded Bethany, not really convinced. She was a loving friend to Amelia ever since the time they first met each other (after the coke incident...) and became best friends.
Both Amelia and Bethany were on their way to their next lesson of the day, grunting as it was maths, which each of them hated very much just like sour milk.
It was now 11:29 am and in the boiling hot class room there were only a minute away untill maths would finally be over.
"Just one more minute till the bell rings" reminded Bethany. Each of them were jumping out of their black, shiny shoes urging to get  to the door as Mrs Paratron was boringly blathering on. The bell finally went...
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Comments (3)

really good! But I want to know where she is!
on October 05, 2013
on July 16, 2013
on July 16, 2013