The Fairy Hunters

The Fairy Hunters

When the fairies come, they'll come for you, Disguised as a bee, only to sting, Oh, the fairies are coming, they're here to stay, So you better start running: They don't want to play.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One

Chapter 1        
I spun slowly through my home, hugging my knife, and chanting spells. A fairy invasion was to come. I had to be prepared.
All of a sudden, alarms sounded. Rolling my eyes, I flew out the window to meet my best friends, grabbing my bow and arrow. Landing gently next to Alex, I shoved him into Devon who yelled and bumped into Snake. Laughing, I shook the wavy brown hair out of my eyes and held up my knife. "Where are they?" I asked, poking Devon.
"Hopeless," I muttered. "Alex, where are the fairies?"
"None. The ogres are coming."
"No way am I charging the ogres!"
"Kidding! Perrie.....Calm down. They're invading the mortal world." Snake said.
"Stupido, that's what I was worried about!"
Devon grabbed my wrist; signaling me to grab Alex's wrist, who grabbed Snake's.
Instantly I twisted, and we found ourselves in the mortal world.
"It's a schoolyard. Here's your lunches. Act mortal," I muttered.
After a hasty lunch, we ran down to the field in the back. "Fairies." Devon said.
"Elves." Alex whispered.
"Ogres." Snake muttered.
"MY MOTHER!" I screamed.
Spying my mother sitting quietly on a flower, Devon and Snake crept forward. "Stop," I whispered. "She's mine."
"Hey, mom. Are you having a good day stinging people?" Devon rolled his eyes and Alex poked me. The fairy buzzed and flew away. "Let her go. Alex, do you have the bottles?"
"Yeah, here's yours, Snake."
"Snake, don't be an epic failure like last time!" I say.
"Cállate, Perrie!" Snake hit me.
"Okay, BTB! Now catch!" I yelled, and they ran off to catch fairies.
I ran off too, but not to catch fairies: To meet the mortals. I was friends with these people who had the Sight. Their names were Brittany and Shirley.
I watched Alex hit Snake and Devon catch a fairy, and then I turned around and saw my mortal friends coming toward me. I knew that if time came, I'd never be alone.
“Hi Brittany!” I called.
“Hey Perrie,” she smiled. “Where’s Devon?”
“Catching fairies, along with Snake and Alex-speaking of which, where’s Shirley?”
“Going to scare Alex,” she grinned.
“Entertaining.” I shrugged.
“AAAHHHH!” I jumped……and Alex fell.
“Nice one, Shirley!” I stuck out my tongue at Alex.
“¡Babosa!”  He yelled at me.
I smiled. “Latuya.”  Brittany high fived me and Snake ‘ooooooh’-ed at him.
“I have 7 fairies in this bottle. Do you want to let them go?” Alex grinned.
“Okay,” we said, knowing we’d be dead if we were too slow.
“3…2...1!” Devon yelled, tossing the bottle down with no cap.
All I can say that they flew at our faces. I transported to the fairy world with Alex, Snake, and Devon said bye to Brittany before coming. Us four waving at our other friends, we fell into our homes.
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Nice, bit confusing.
on July 03, 2013
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on July 03, 2013