this series/story is about a girl named, Ally who encounters a monster from a myth can she survive this counter? or is she destined to be just another victim?

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Chapter 1.

Good bye?

      I looked down at Kayla,
                      "A-ally?" she coughed.
                      "Yes Kayla?"
                      "Is it bad?" she tensed.
          I looked down on her side, there was something like a stab wound, with so much blood pouring out.
                      "Oh my god, I think he stabbed one of your organs." I said shocked.
                      "O-oh well, I never thought I'd have to die like this, thanks for taking me here ally..." she said half smiling.
                      "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE! I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!" I said crying and shaking my head.
                      "I'm s-"
         She wasn't moving, and stopped breathing.
                      "O-oh no!! no! no!" I cried, remembering my walky-talky.
                  I grabbed it shakily, and hyperventilating.
                      "DAD,DAD ARE YOU THERE!?!" I yelled into the walky-talky.
           It was fuzzy but I could sort of hear his voice."
                      "Ally what's wrong?" My father responded.
                      "Dad Kayla, that girl you met, the monster got her too!" I cried into the speaker.
                      "What do you mean?"
                      "Slender man killed Kayla!"
                      "Oh my goodness, were are you I'll come find you."
                      "No dad, I don't want him killing you too." I pleaded.
                      "No way! I'm calling the police, daddy's coming!" Then there was just static.
           I looked at poor Kalya and then at Becky.
                      "I am so sorry." I said to them as I grabbed Kayla's lifeless body and scooted onto the trail.
              I suddenly slipped in a pile of kayla's blood as I was walking.
          When again I started hearing the noises, I grabbed Kayla and huddled in a bush.
                 I huddled there next to Kayla's body, until something grabbed my ankle.
                      "NO! LET ME GO!" I screamed, frantically.
              I was suspended in the air with some kind of rope, I couldn't get free.
          I also couldn't see if slender man was there, but I knew he was.
               I struggled so very hard, but then I thought to myself,
                       "Why am I trying to fight this? My best friend and Kayla died because of me..."
                        I stopped wiggling and was still.
               I remembered hearing something, I looked around slowly, I saw slender man once again, he came up to me, and pulled the same bag like items I saw Becky's entrails in.
                       I tried not to scream, but I couldn't hold it in, I screamed at the top of my lungs for him to not do the same to me as he did to Becky.
            I felt a sharp, stinging pain in my side, I started feeling woozy, I looked down and saw my blood dripping.
                       "LET ME GO! I PROMISE I WON'T COME BACK!" I screamed and cried, in pain.
                But yet, he still didn't respond.
             Then all I remember is waking up in the hospital.
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Comments (2)

i love the story!! but how could that stupid nurse not believe her?!? hospital nurses and doctors are so dumb sometimes
on July 16, 2015
I FREAK'EN LOVED THE STORY, pwease continue it :3
If you need help or something with it you can ask me ^-^
on April 28, 2015