INTO THE WOODS~ part 2! :D

INTO THE WOODS~ part 2! :D

this series/story is about a girl named, Ally who encounters a monster from a myth can she survive this counter? or is she destined to be just another victim?

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Chapter 1.

Becky's Body~

        I don't know what went through my mind, but for some reason I got up from my sleeping bag and silently walked to one of the folded chairs and sat down.
             "Becky, If your still out there, did you see that monster too?"
             "The cops are analyzing the evidence I gave them to hopefully find you."
    Once again I heard noises, and then out of nowhere I heard a loud scream coming from the woods.
        I ran back to the tent and swiftly grabbed my flashlight, and my fathers pocket knife and put them in my pockets, and headed back into the woods.
        This time, when I walked on the dark dirt trail I definitely didn't feel safe, and the vibe felt even more terrifying.
             "Becky where are you?" I shuddered, no answer.
             "Where was she?"
        Just then I had the sense that someone was watching, I took out the pocket knife and flicked it out.
             "Who is that?!" once again, silence.
     I suddenly looked down, surprised to see blood drips leading to the scariest, and most vulgar thing I had ever seen.
        It was Becky!
     She had was on, or should I say "IN" because there was a tree branch stabbed into her chest, and the worst part was the huge gaping hole in her stomach, which was drenched and still dripping blood.
        And when I looked closer, her organs had been removed, and put into "bag like" items.
             "Becky! Oh my god, no, no, no!" I cried hugging her lifeless body.
    In her hand, she held a note, which said.
             "HE HIDES IN THE TREES."
        I grabbed the note from her cold bloody hand, and tried to pry her stuck body off the tree, but the branch was in her to securely there was no way I could get it out alone.
    So I did the worst thing I possibly could, I left her alone, and ran back out of the woods sobbing.
        "MOM,DAD!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, as my parents and Becky's came running from the tents.
        "What the, Ally why are you all covered in blood?" My father questioned.
        "Becky! I saw her, she was dead!"
        "Why didn't you bring her back here?!" Becky's mother cried.
        "I'm sorry, I tried but I couldn't get her body off the tree."
        " Oh god, what do you mean!" Her mom was now screaming.
        "Her body had been stabbed through a tree, and her entrails in bags!"
        "There is NO way I'm letting you go back there!" both my parents said.
        "I found this, Becky had been holding it." I showed them another note
        "Why the hell would Becky write this?" Becky's father said angrily.
        "I don't think she did, I think the creature did."
        "Mother, I need to go to the library to the library today."
        "Umm, alright." my mother said shockingly.
        "Is there any way we can go now?"
        "But Ally, its only six."
        "Please, this is important!"
        "Ok?" she said speechless.
  My mother started the car, as I got re-dressed and got ready to go into town.
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This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on February 23, 2016
Kayla did die..
on July 14, 2013
on July 14, 2013