Sumumu taii: The new girl

Sumumu taii: The new girl

Okay me and my sis wrote this it has my character, geruru, and her o.c ,sumumu. This is introducing my o.c. you can also read it on deviantart.

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Chapter 1.

Regular morning.

It was late in the month of December, one day before Christmas to be exact. The all male platoon was starting to slightly get used to their female addition. Captain sumumu of the keronian army had been there for a little over a month, and she had already almost taken over pekopon and the platoon a couple of times. Keroro had managed to find some way to stop her attempts though, because they were a bit to extreme. Now, sumumu and keroro couldn’t stand each other. Everyone else was still unsure about her, but she had some qualities that they enjoyed. When she first showed giroro her weapons collection, he was very impressed. He only had the weapons he had bought from keron five years ago, and sumumu had the newer, updated firepower in her room. His liking toward her only increased when she allowed him to borrow some, saying that she preferred hand to hand. He still stayed cautious and alert around her, especially if she was around natsumi. Tamama was often annoyed at her for beating up keroro, or calling the green idiot names. This annoyance was usually overlooked when he stumbled among the fact that she baked in her free time, and would often give him the first tastes of her sweets. He also noticed that she had some sort of soft spot toward him, and made sure to use that to the fullest extent. Dororo was still hurt by the fact she betrayed his trust in the first episode, but he was starting to notice sumumu paying more attention to him. She would often correct keroro, and remind others he was there. He sometimes caught her staring at him, giving him looks that made him blush for some reason that his innocent and virgin mind couldn’t comprehend. When he caught her staring at him, she didn’t look away like most people did. Instead, she sent him a wink that made his cheeks go a shade darker. Kururu was furious that sumumu refused to tell him what he wanted to know about what happened to her. He hated not knowing things.  When they were little, sumumu was very caring and protective of him. Because she got to him when he was young, she now had a permanent place in his heart. As much as he hated it, he still cared and worried about her greatly. Now she acted like none of that happened, and when he bugged her about it she would distract him by tiring him out with their favorite past time, and slipping away when he was asleep. Kururu would never say it out loud, and even punished himself for thinking about it, but he wanted the kind (well, only to him), fun, protective, caring, and not crazy sumumu back. He didn’t dwell on this fact for to long, fearing he would go soft, and instead filled his mind with deliciously malicious thoughts. That didn’t stop him from trying to find out what happened the years she disappeared.

Right now, sumumu was busy in the kitchen making brownies. Giroro was interrogating her, trying to find out more about this odd frog. He was starting to warm up to her, but was still not trusting of her. Especially her choice of friends. “so…sumumu, why do you hang around a creep like kururu?” he asked. Sumumu glared at him“ being extra nosy today corporal?” giroro knew that was coming, and glared right back at her, “no. I am just curious about your choice of partners.” “let’s just say we have a lot of history together, and leave it at that.” she growled. Giroro sighed, he knew this was a very touchy subject for sumumu, and was not getting anything out of her today. “ you know, you could just call me giroro”, he said. Sumumu nodded, “yes, I know corporal.” an awkward silence filled the room as they tried to find something to talk about. “so… did you get anything for natsumi for Christmas?” sumumu asked. Giroro blushed furiously, “th…that’s none of your business! How do you even know about Christmas? No one told you about it!” sumumu cracked a rare, genuine smile, “now that’s a funny story.” “tell me”, giroro said, curious about her past. And happy that the subject had been steered away from a gift for natsumi. Sumumu looked at the timer on the oven, and shrugged, “sure. I got time.” she wove a tale about how she knew what Christmas was. Giroro listened attentively to this little bit of her past, and actually found himself laughing to some parts. “wow, I dint know that about you and kururu”, giroro laughed. Sumumu smirked, “yep, I know a lot about that yellow (bleep!). I have known him for a long time.” giroro tired to imagine sumumu as a little kid, but she acted so differently than the child in her story. “so, back to a gift for natsumi”, sumumu announced. Giroro groaned, “can you forget about that? You need to stay out of my business.” sumumu rolled her eyes, “ really? And you are always trying to butt into mine.” giroro saw her point, and sighed, “ no, I have not got her anything yet. I don’t know what she would want. I swear, women can be so complicated sometimes.” sumumu chuckled, “I know the feeling.” “ what do you mean?” giroro asked. Sumumu thought over what she just said, and cursed under her breath for slipping up. “d…don’t worry about it” she stuttered. Giroro swore he saw a splash of color on her cheeks before the timer on the oven went off, grabbing her attention. “ brownies are done!” she said in a obvious hurry to escape the conversation. Giroro stared after her, ’she is so weird’, he thought.

The front door swung open to reveal tamama, happily humming to himself. He was here to see none other than keroro, but quickly sidetracked when he smelled something yummy coming from the kitchen. He changed his route, and followed the smell. He saw sumumu  taking brownies out of the oven, and giroro chilling at the table. His main focus were an the soft, fudgey, warm, delicious looking squares of heaven. He ran into the room, his eyes as cute as he could get them, “sumumu! Can I have a brownie please!” said frog turned to see the tadpole staring at the pan, practically drooling. Sumumu chuckled, “sure! Always happy to support tadpole obesity.” tamama didn’t find that comment very funny, “I’m not fat, just a little chubby.” sumumu offered him a brownie, and he happily ate it. Sumumu smiled at his cuteness. Alarms suddenly started to go off in the house, followed by the usual red flashing lights. Sumumu set down the brownies, and ran towards the base, the other two following. They burst into keroro’s room to see keroro officially freaking out. “hurry dumb (bleep!)! lets get to kururu’s lab!” she grabbed keroro and dragged him into the mini fridge. four of the keronians ran into kururu’s lab. “ kururu what the (bleep!) is going on!?” sumumu yelled over the alarms. “kukuku! There seems to be a spaceship that landed outside the city. Lets hope whoever it is brings plenty of mayhem!”  kururu laughed. “well, lets go find them.” sumumu said, running off. Everyone, even kururu, followed after her. They grabbed their hovercrafts, met outside, and took to the skies.
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I really like it
on June 26, 2013
on June 26, 2013