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Who are the ice climbers?
Are they brother and sister? Are they friends? Are they a couple? Twins? And how old are they? Same age or one is older?
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What do Panama and Colombia have in common?
This question is included for my Spanish project. But for some horrible reason. GOOGLE AND BING DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWER. I don't know ANYTHING about these countries!! D:> Please help quickly, my Spanish project is due on Wednesd...
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I HAS A CRISIS!! Help, please!
For christmas I got a totally awesome ipod touch, but I don't know how to get any of my songs from itunes on it! Everytime I plug it in, it doesn't sync! So basically: I CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANY OF MY SONGS IN MY ITUNES LIBRARY! what...
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What should my quince theme be?
In approximately 1 and a half years will be mah quince. Mah birthday is december 31 so mah mom wants me to have a christmas or winter theme, but I want my quince to have the color green in it, and I DO NOT WANT GREEN AND RED. B...
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Does anyone know any good creepy vocaloid songs?
I LOVE creepy songs and I love vocaloid. I know some but they're not giving me the creeped out satisfaction I want. I mean scary,like, pee you pants scary!!
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Which is better Maximum Ride or Twilight?
My siblings and I fight about this ALL THE TIME. I honestly think it's Maximum Ride. What do you think?
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