True Images

True Images

These four best friends hide themselves everyday to look good in a crowd. After getting detention for something they didn't do, they decide to be them!

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Chapter 8.

What Just Happened?

Sandra, Lauran, Kaycee, and I stayed up for a long time. Maybe till three or four. It took me a while to go to sleep, but I wasn't the only one up. When I thought I was the only one even slightly asleep, I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Kaycee, "Hey, um, I wanted to talk to you about something at school," Kaycee said.
   "Okay, what did you want to talk about?" I asked sleepily.
   "Well, you know how the THE Girls had the whole school given to them on a silver platter?"
     I nod.
   "I was thinking that maybe we could try to.. stand out and put the THE Girls in their place. I'm just saying. I'm not saying we have to do that-"
   "No, we should, but in a way to where we can't get in trouble. If you know what i mean."
    Kaycee looked at me with a surprised look. Maybe this wasn't going to be so hard.
    In the morning Kaycee and I where the last to get up. Sandra and Lauran were looking at us from where they were sleeping, "Morning, sleepyheads," Sandra said with a chuckle.
    "Morning," Kaycee started, "Hey, guys, can we talk about something?"
     "Sure. Shoot." Lauran said.
     "Well, I was thinking that maybe we should try to stand up for ourselves and try to stick out. I'm a little tired of hiding just because of someone telling us to stay hidden.."
      "I knew this talk would come," Sandra started, "and I think you're right. We should do that. It's not like we can hide forever."
Whoa, what just happened? I was so afraid of nothing? I could have asked at anytime and we would all agree? I mean, I'm happy that they said it, but I feel like Sandra wouldn't do that. I think she knows she wouldn't do that.
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Comments (3)

thanks! I love to write( or in this case type) stories!
on June 20, 2013
on June 19, 2013
Great start, can't wait for the rest!
on June 19, 2013