Friends the gone

Friends the gone

In this story there is a heart broken thing. A girls best friend dies in a fire. Can she live with her self after?

published on June 09, 201340 reads 12 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Friends forever

Two girls where walking to school one day. There names and Kim and Jade. It was a good day to go play outside and all that, but they had to go to school. As they were walking to school, they saw a helpless dog dying. Kim and Jade had to save the dog. They called the SPCA . When the SPCA came, they stared to walk off again. Jade asked Kim if she can have a seep over but Kim had plans. For the rest of the day, they talked and talk about things all day.
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Comments (2)

So she commits about a happy ending...
on September 04, 2017
I love this
on July 07, 2017