The New Creation

The New Creation

Vampires are introduced. World is now changed. I'm Honorine Campbell and i must protect the equality between humans and vampires. I must destroy the underground government who destroys peace in our world.

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Chapter 1.
"The 3rd Procession"

"The 3rd Procession"

Everyone was scared, everyone was locked behind their doors. Afraid, fearful, shaken, terrified. She locked the 4th lock of their door then she sat quietly with her 8-year old daughter in her lap. "Mommy why are you shaking?" she looked at her daughter with tearful eyes and kissed her daughter's forehead and smiled. She took a pill out of her pocket and mixed it with the glass of water. "Drink it honey" her daughter drank it with no hesitation. After a minute. Her eyes had already gave up, she cried at her daughter's cold dead body. "I did it with the painless thing i known, i'm sorry, sorry" she leave her daughter's dead body lying on the couch, she quicly ran to the bedroom and opened the cabinet, took a thick dark red cloth and a black wooden rosary. As the voices became loud she began to shake badly, she took the things outside and the cold lifeless body. She lay it at the grass and covered it with the thick dark red cloth, the rosary was placed on top. There they come, the creatures are coming to collect.

There were hundreds of them. They were lined up from Gods to slaves. On the first row were the three Gods, they sat on a huge elegant wooden chair carried by the monsters or slaves, Gods wore a red thick cloth which has a hood covering their eyes each of them, at each of their sides were the four guards, they were in armor and they were riding on white horses, each of them holds two large chains which holds two horrorful monsters. The second row was composed of sixteen council members they wore black thick clothing which also has a hood at each of their sides was two guards and two monsters. The third row was composed by the most powerful pureblooded family. The forth row was composed by the leaders of the armies. The fifth row was composed by the representatives of the normal vampires. The sixth row was composed by the slaves they are the one's who carry huge boxes that were used in their bloody procession.

(Sorry for the wrong grammars xD)
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