The Ant and Steph Show Episode 19

This is the last episode before the season one finale. I hope you all have enjoyed this first season and stuff XD.

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The Ant and Steph Show Episode 19


Me: Hello and welcome to episode 19 of the show. I am your host, Anthony. With me is my co-host, Stephanie.
Steph: With this being our final episode before the finale, we felt that we should have a very special guest.
Me: It took me a while, but here is our guest... Sempiternal a.k.a. Sorinne!!
Sorinne comes out and sits on the couch.
Me: Welcome to the show.
Sorinne: Lets just get this over with.
Me: Ok, first question... What is your favorite color?
Sorinne: Grey.
Steph: Name three of your favorite bands.
Sorinne: Bring Me the Horizon, Misfits, and Motionless in white.
Me: Name a class you take.
Sorinne: German.
Steph: Whats your favorite movie?
Sorinne: I don't really have one.
Me: How are you so good with words?
Sorinne: It's this little thing called english class.
Steph: Why type of music do you like?
Sorinne: I adore thrash metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, alternative rock, punk rock, and british dupsetep.
Me: How do you feel about 1D?
Sorinne: They are not a good band at all.
Steph: You like BMTH alot, huh?
Sorinne: Yes, all of their songs are masterpieces.
Me: You are a hard person to impress, you know that?
Sorinne: I know, its because I am very picky.
Steph: Well we dont have anymore questions.
Me: Thank you for being on the show.
Without words, Sorinne stands up and walks out.
Me: Well thats it for this episode. Next will be the season one finale. It will be a special episode for a very special individual.
Steph: We have had a great time doing this. We hope to be back for season two.
Me: See you all for the finale.
Steph: Bye!
We wave as the show goes off the air...

*I wanted to thank Sorinne personally for allowing this episode to happen.*
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Comments (3)

Not the best but good. :3
on May 10, 2013
Does she know about this? And I'm almost positive her favorite color isn't grey... She more than likes BMTH. If she could she would eat sleep and drink BMTH... Well, maybe not literally. That's just weird. Your sort of make her sound like she has no other emotion than hate... Although that is her primary feeling... She also gets annoyed...
on May 10, 2013
Awesome:) Can't wait for the finale:)
on May 10, 2013