The Ant and Steph Show Episode 16

This is episode 16 of the series. I hope the series is enjoyable. I have been told that their isnt alot of creativity to this... But idc, i enjoy it and ik some others enjoy it as well. So enjoy.

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The Ant and Steph Show Episode 16


Me: Hello and welcome to episode 16. I am your host, Anthony. Here is our lovely co-host, Stephanie.
Steph: Today, we are going to discuss the good and the bad of this very website.
Me: I wanted to tell my opinions about the website we call, Qfeast.
Steph: Ok, go for it.
Me: First, the strict rules. There is little you can get away with on Qfeast. It gets annoying when you spend alot of time typing something, just for Qfeast to delete it and its gone. Can't Qfeast give you a chance to change it? Or just "unpublish" it instead of just deleting your work?
Steph: But there are some very young kids on this site.
Me: That brings me to my second point. So many young people on this site. It is hard trying to talk to people when they are young as crap. I can't befriend a bunch of 10 year olds.
Steph: There are a few older ones like Sempiternal. Who do you like talking to you on Qfeast?
Me: Just a few because most are too young.
Steph: Who do you hate on qfeast?
Me: Alice101 and MariaJohnson52.
Steph: What would you like to change about qfeast?
Me: The rules. Have for freedom or atleast a heads up before your story is deleted. Qfeast is a great site, just needs a little work done to it.
Steph: What is your favorite story on qfeast?
Me: "A New Killer is Born" By XXxSilentHopexXX.
Steph: Ok
Me: Well thats all for this episode.
Steph: See yall, dont forget to rate and comment.
We wave as the show ends
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I don't think it's right to juddge someone because of they're age. I know that when I was younger, I hated it when people said things like, "You're just a kid, you don't understand." Or something of the sort. 'Cause I did understand quite well, although that may just have been me. If you don't want to befriend people of the age of 10, fine, but please don't make See More▼
on May 10, 2013