The Ant and Steph Show Episode 13

This is episode 13 of the show... We wanted to say thank you to those who read this. Now then lets get started.

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The Ant and Steph Show Episode 13
"Harald and Dave"

"Harald and Dave"

Me: Hello and welcome to episode lucky 13. I am your host and this is Stephanie our beloved co-host.
Stephanie: Today's guests are creations of Anthony. So please welcome, Harald and Dave.
Harald and Dave come out and sit on the couch.
Me: Welcome to the show guys.
Harald: Before you start, we have questions for you.
Dave: You posted only four episodes of our series... Why did you stop?
Me: Because I lost interest and found better ideas I wanted to do. Your series has been discontinued indefinetly.
Harald: That is a load of crap. Qfeast loved our series.
Me: Sorinne said and I quote "Sorry, but the dialogue was rather flat... as was the punctuation. .-. You have a lot of very short, choppy sentences that badly need to be revised. I understand that it is a script, but it needs to be more lively."
Dave: Sorinne don't know good writing.
Steph: Just calm down you guys. Your pilot episode has 2 stars... It isnt well liked.
Harald: I find all this to be a load of crap. You said that your goal was 20 episodes... You did four.
Me: Indeed, but a writer has to choose what is worth it and what isn't worth it. Now that I look at it, I was kind of accidently ripping off the youtube show "Dick figures". So until I can find original ideas... You're cancelled.
Dave: That is not fair!!
Harald: We will quit working for you.
Steph: (pulls out .45) Guys... I suggest you shut it. I will shoot both of you.
Dave: Well I quit.
Harald: Four episodes is unfair. So we both quit.
Me: Well odds are, you wouldn't have been brought back anyway. Zone-Tan!!!
Zone-Tan appears.
Zone: Yes?
Me: Kill them.
Zone-Tan goes demonic and slaughters Harald and Dave.
Me: Now, for readers who did enjoy the series of Harald and Dave... Let me apologize to you. I know I have hyped some stuff and havent posted them like Jack Voorhees and The Unleashed 2... Just bear with me because I have so many new ideas.
Steph: It is ok, bro.
Me: Well thats all we have.
Steph: See you next time.
We wave as we go off the air.
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