The Ant and Steph Show Bonus Episode

Hello and im just going to type to fill up the description. This is a bonus episode of the show... Enjoy

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The Ant and Steph Show Bonus Episode
"Ask us questions 2"

"Ask us questions 2"

Me: Hello and Welcome to the first bonus episode of "The Ant and Steph Show". I know I made the first question one a actual episode. Well this one is a bonus because I didn't expect to get questions so quick. First, let me introduce... Stephanie.
Stephanie: We have four questions that we are going to try to answer. So sit back and enjoy the show. Don't forget that YOU can ask us anything and we will do our best to answer it.
Me: Ok, first question is from Puglover3000 and his question reads... Well its more like suggestions but it reads "I like the show, but I have two things. Number one... Less cursing. And number two... Less insulting other qfeast members. Not trying to be mean... just saying. Smiley face."
Steph: We do curse alot.
Me: Yeah, well we appreciate the suggestions. And yes we did insult Alice101 last time, but if you knew the history between us and Alice101, you would understand. We will do our best on the cursing, but if a qfeast member picks a fight with us, we won't just sit and take it.
Steph: We are both really nice people and we do not like to be mean. We will if it is needed. Alice101 has crossed the line numerous times.
Me: Thank you for sending in your suggestions.
Steph: Ok, next question is from fleur22045 and it reads "What's your favorite book/movie?" Well I'm not sure on book, but movie wise it would definetly be "Hellraiser". Pinhead is absolutely amazing and I love him.
Me: My favorite book is Twilight... NOT... I really don't have a favorite book. My favorite movie would have to be The Dark Knight Rises. That movie was amazing.
Steph: Yes it was.
Me: Ok, the third question is from SweetiePie321 and it reads "If you or Stephanie could make up your own planet, what would it be called and what would the culture or way of life be of it? It doesnt matter who answers."
Steph: Great question SweetiePie321. I am not exactly sure. I would definetly name it and make it like a home for the horror icons.
Me: I would call it Jurassic Planet. I would bring back all the prehistoric animals like Dinosaurs and Sabortooth cats and have them all live on a huge world. The world would be like a huge version of earth. Like as big as jupiter.
Steph: That was a good one. Ok the next one is from Bella101 and it reads "The show is still not as funny as I thought it would be. I don't know if you are trying too hard or not. But it is getting better, i suggest more jokes like when Steph made u get her the sandwich. A little less swearing would be nice. Now my main question I wanted to ask is if you could interview and make fun of Kristen Stewart from Twilight? Thank you very much"
Me: Well Bella, I am still working on alot of things. If this isnt funny yet, maybe it just isnt meant to be. I'm glad you are enjoying the show. We are working on less language and trying to make it funnier than it is. And Yes, Kristen Stewart will be here and we will most likely throw her out the window.
Steph: We thank you for sending in your questions and suggestions. Feel free to comment more or message WhiteRabbit6660 with your questions.
Me: This has been our bonus episode. See you next time on the show.
Steph: Bye.
We wave as the show goes off the air.
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Comments (3)

This is fun to know:)
on May 10, 2013
*do and *them lol.
on May 08, 2013
D you have these pre written or do you make the, up each day?
on May 08, 2013