The Ant and Steph Show Episode 12

The Ant and Steph Show Episode 12

This is episode 12 and the show is going good. Why do we need to make these descriptions so long? I mean ok, yes a long one would be nice for episodes 1-4 or 5... but i think by episode 12, a description isnt needed unless we are doing something really special... anyone else agree/disagree?

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"Nostalgia Critic and Rachel Tietz"

"Nostalgia Critic and Rachel Tietz"

Me: Hello people. I am Anthony and with me is Stephanie.
Stephanie: Personally, I'm not familiar with this guest. So here is The Nostalgia Critic.
The Nostalgia Critic comes out and sits on the couch.
NC: Hello, Im the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to.
Me: Welcome to the show.
NC: Thank you for having me. Unlike that ass of a show Fullhouse, This show is decent and read/watchable.
Steph: Ok, so Ive never watched your videos... What do you do?
NC: I review nostalgic movies and tv shows from the past.
Me: How do you feel about Stewart Little 3?
NC: That movie is an abomination of all mankind. The fact that that movie even exists makes me want to go outside and choke a child.
Steph: Um... ok? (looks at me)
Me: Recently you have had a girl in your videos who is the Devils daughter. What is her real name?
NC: You think she's hot dont you. Actually, I brought her along with me.
The girl comes out and sits by The Nostalgia Critic.
Me: Hello and Welcome to the show.
Rachel: Thank you for having me.
Me: What is it like working with The Nostalgia Critic?
Rachel: It is very fun.
Steph: Do you enjoy the job?
Rachel: Yes Very much. It is a funny and very cool job. Especially with the random clips and other funny things we do.
Me: How do you feel about the Nostalgia Chick?
Rachel: I don't like her. She tried to stop the Nostalgia Critic from coming back.
Ok, Well thats all the questions I have. Do you have anything, Stephanie?
Steph: No, not that I can think of.
Me: Well thank you for your time.
The Nostalgia Critic and Rachel Tietz walkout.
Me: Well that is it fo this episode.
Steph: See ya next time.
Show goes off the air.
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