The Ant and Steph Show Episode 10

This is episode 10 of the series. Yes we have few viewers, but we dont care, its not like making videos. So please enjoy the 10th episode, and no end to the series in sight. I have up to 22 on paper.

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The Ant and Steph Show Episode 10
"Pinhead (Hellraiser)

"Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Stephanie: Hello! And welcome to the show!! Ant and I switched places just this once. So today, I am your host. Here is my co-host, Anthony!!
Me: Hello Qfeast people I am Anthony, The White Rabbit... Steph has been waiting for this all day so here we--
Steph: Let me introduce our guest!!! The cenobite leader... PINHEAD!!!!
Pinhead walks out. Stephanie gets out of her chair and literally leaps out and tackle hugs Pinhead.
Steph: I LOVE YOU!!
Pinhead: Please let go of me.
Steph lets go and runs back to the host's chair. She is so hyper and excited. It is like she had 30 cups of coffee before the show with a kick of monster.
Me: Calm down Steph...
Steph looks at me, her eyes are as wide as possible. She slowly leans in, almost like a kiss, and I am getting scared for my life... Help me...
Me: What are you doing?
Steph: Pinhead is here... That means it is impossible to calm down. Me + Pinhead = AWESOMENESS!!! Dont tell me to calm down.
Me: (scared) Ok, can we do the interview now?
Stephanie looks at Pinhead and smiles.
Steph: I'll ask the first question... Would you sleep with me?
Me: STEPH?! (looks at her shocked)
Steph: (Looks at me) What? I have to know.
Me: You are going to get us sued or cancelled.
Steph: Who cares? Pinhead is here!!
Me: (Looks at Pinhead) Sorry about her. What is it like working for the devil?
Pinhead: Working with the devil is a rewarding job. It is not bad.
Steph: Are you single?
Me: Steph?
Steph: Ant, I will lock you in the closet if you get in my way.
Pinhead: Why are you so...
Steph: Excited!? Because you are here!! YOURE PINHEAD!!!
Me: What is it like to be a cenobite?
Pinhead: Fearful for the victims, enjoyable for us. (notices Steph staring at him) Why is she staring at me?
Me: Stephanie...
Steph: Do not stop me, Ant, I will throw you out the window.
Me: Did we ever let Bieber out of there?
Steph: (looks worried) uhh... no...
Me: Its been a week you know?
Pinhead: Well, I must go.
Steph: NOOOO!!! (Flies at Pinhead again)
Pinhead begins to run, Stephanie chases him.
Me: Stephanie?
Stephanie: Shut up! He's mine!! (Still chasing Pinhead) What is your twitter? Facebook? Myspace? Tout? Oovo? Gmail? Yahoo? Anything??!
Pinhead runs and opens a portal. He jusps through and closes it before Steph can catch him. She just stands there.
Steph: Oh well (Walks back and sits)
Me: You alright?
Steph: Yep... He is so going to bed with me tonight.
Me: More like have nightmares about you.
Steph draws her .45 and points it at me.
Steph: Shut up, bitch. Go make me a sandwich.
I run away.
Steph: This has been episode 10. Thank you for reading. And Pinhead, you know you want this body!!
Stephanie glares as the show goes off the air...
*Pinhead had nightmares about this for 5 months before finally crying*
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xD Hyperrr.
Steph is right. Ant this is a great series, just the cussing is a lil bit... you know...
on May 17, 2013
(With the commenters LOL:P)
on May 10, 2013
Hahaha agree:)
on May 10, 2013
ok lol i like it but its too much cussing.
on May 07, 2013
on May 07, 2013