You'll be in my Heart

You'll be in my Heart

This is a tribute to Susan Nagle,my aunt Dorothy,my Grandfather Romeo and any other lost loved ones because of cancer.

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Don't leave

19 year old,Hermione Granger lay in a hospital bed at a british hospital.After the Wizarding War and graduating Hogwarts,Hermione and her boyfriend,Ron Weasley,had taken a break from the wizarding world and gone to a muggle high school.After about a year,Hermione had started to have sharp pains in her lungs area and losing her hair.Her parents had taken her to the hospital,where she was diagnosed with cancer.Now,a year later,the same girl lays in her hospital bed.Almost all her hair was gone and she was hooked up to one of those machine thingys that helps you breath.Ron and Harry sat next to her bed gripping her hands."Mr.Potter,Mr.Weasley.Miss Granger needs to rest."The doctor said as he walked in."But-can't we stay a little longer?"Harry pleaded.The doctor sighed."You have 30 minutes."He told them.Harry thanked the doctor and watched him leave."I have to go soon Ron.Ginny can't take of James,Rose AND Albus by herself."Harry told his friend.Hermione lay there between them.It hurt Harry to see her here.After all they had been through...Finding the philosophers stone,discovering the chamber of secrets,finding Sirius,her helping him through the Triwizard tournament,rebelling against Umbridge and watching Sirius die,Watching Dumbledore die and figuring out abou the horcruxes,defeating Voldemort in the Wizarding War.All that seemed to lead up to this moment.Hermiones breathing was getting shallower."She's leaving..."Harry told Ron.Ron looked panicked."Hermione!Please don't leave me!Us!Please...I can't take care of Rose by myself!"Ron cried.The tears seemed to flow freely down his face.Hermione moaned.Harry shook his head sadly."Ron stop it!It's not going to help her!If you love her let her leave!Say 'Hello' to Sirius and my parents for me 'Mione.We'll miss you..."Harry whispered the last part.All his life Harry had known death:His mother,His father,Quirrell,Cedric,Sirius,Dumbledore,Dobby,Remus,Tonks,Hedwig,Moody,Fred and,eventually,Voldemort.Now,he had learned to expect it.Embrace it."Harry!Wake her!Please!"Ron cried."Ron.She's already gone."Harry says sadly pointing to the machine thingy.The line had went completely straight.Harry stood and left.

Hermione awoke in an all white world.Big,wrought iron gates stood in front of her.The pains in her chest were gone and all her hair was back.Where am I?,she thought.Then,Fred Weasley appeared on the other side of the gates."Hermione!We haven't had any connection with the Wizarding World since I died.Come in!"He said grinning.The gates opened and Hermione walked into them.There were a bunch of houses but everything was white."Fred,where are we?"Hermione asked him."Heaven."Fred answered simply.Hermione followed him into a small house."GUYS!WE HAVE NEWS FROM THE WIZARDING WORLD!"He called up the steps.Immediately,Sirius,Remus,Tonks and two others (a witch & wizard) Hermione had never met scrambled down the steps."Hermione!"Sirius gasped."H-how are you all here?"Hermione asked."Forget about that!Come on!Tell us whats happened since I died!"Fred exclaimed leading them into a sitting room."Well...Harry defeated Voldemort and we all went back for our last year at Hogwarts.After we'd graduated,me and Ron retired to the muggle world where we went to muggle school for 2 months.After school,we had one daughter named Rose.Harry and Ginny had one son named James Sirius Potter.After a year (this year),Harry had a second son (Albus Severus Potter) and I started losing my hair.At first,I thought it was because of the stress of Rose.But then I started feeling sharp pains in my lungs.This year I was diagnosed with lung cancer.I stayed in the hospital.I passed 10 minutes ago with both Harry and Ron on either side of me.Harry wanted me to say Hello to Sirius and his parents for him."Hermione explained."We're his parents."The unknown witch told Hermione."Well,Harry says Hello."Hermione said with a small smile.

The Weasleys,Harry,Neville and Luna were gathered around Hermiones grave.On the grave was written:R.I.P Hermione Granger Wife of Ron Weasley Mother of Rose Weasley Died of cancer in 2001.It was 2002 right now and they were celebrating the anniversary of Hermiones death."One day,we'll join her.Then we'll be able to see our parents Harry!"Luna told Harry as they were walking away.Harry knew Luna was right.No one else would die for him now.Death was still a long ways away for Harry but our hero will never be the same again without his bookworm telling him all about Hogwarts.He missed her bushy hair,her smile.He missed waking up and think 'Oh god!How will I avoid Hermiones lectures today?'.He missed her big teeth.He missed her and Ron fighting,her laugh,her voice.He missed her prep talks before a Quidditch game.He missed solving adventures with her.He missed asking her to do research.He missed telling her about his problems.He missed writing her letters.But she was gone.Beyond his grasp.In heaven.With his dad and mom and Sirius.Bye 'Mione,he thought.
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Hmm, write some more!

But i advice not about harry potter. I don't really watch harry potter i've watched all the episodes. But haven't bothered to watch them again. I forgot everything in each episode of harry potter! So please write about something other then harry potter. Oh and you're good at writing. Thats why i think you're good writing and story making See More▼
on November 02, 2013
Very well written.Please write more stories.
on July 30, 2013