The Game (Oneshot for directioner.styles)

The Game (Oneshot for directioner.styles)

A oneshot I wrote for directioner.styles. I saw the other day when she asked a question if anyone could make her a 1D fan-fic. So I decided to do it for her. I'm not really a big fan of 1D but I do like their music. By the way, this ain't my best work, but here it is. I hope you like it.

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The Game

I didn't know what was going to happen that Friday night. I thought it was just going to be a normal Friday night as always; watching tv, eating dinner and staying up all night talking on the phone with my best friends, but all of that changed. That would be the night that I would never forget.
It was Friday and I just got out of school. Instead of taking the bus, I decided to walk home since the weather was nice. With my book bag hung over my shoulder, I began to walk down the side walk. It wasn't much of a long walk. I only had a mile to walk then I was home safe and sound. As I walked, I began to think about how I was going to start my weekend off. I always did the same thing every weekend: dance class, watch TV, eat, listen to music and go out for walks with friends.
My weekends weren't really exciting, but they weren't boring either. I wanted to do something different this weekend, but I didn't know what. As I walked, I heard fast footsteps running up from behind me. I felt scared and I spun around quickly. There, running up towards me was my best friend and not to mention crush, Harry or as everyone knows him, Harry Styles.
Harry and I were the "grew-up together" type of friends. Our parents both knew each other back from high school. I known Harry ever since I could remember. My mom always told me stories of Harry and I as babies and how we both would beg our moms to take us to the park to go play. Funny how I don't remember that, but there's been lots of things Harry and I did together. Everything you can think of, Harry and I already did.
"Hey Katie.", Harry smiled, walking up towards me now.
"Hey Harry.", I smiled. "What's sup?"
Harry shook his head looking away. "Nothing much." Then he looked back down at me. "Hey, I wanted to ask you, are you doing anything special tonight?"
I loved hearing Harry's voice. I could listen to him talk all day. His voice was just so dreamy and beautiful.
"Um.", I thought for a moment. "Not that I know of, why?"
"Oh cuz I wanted to ask if you and your girls wanted to hang with me and the guys today? We all planned to go out to the feild and play paint ball. We thought that maybe you and your girls would like to come and play with us?"
I thought for a moment and then nodded. "Sure. I'd love too. Just let me check with the girl's and I'll get back to you at five ok?"
Harry nodded his head with a smirk. "Ok, sounds good and by the way, if you girls do decide to come....we promise to take it easy on ya'll."
With that said, Harry gave me a wink and turned on his hell and walked away. I felt my heart skip a beat. I knew I was blushing as I felt the heat on my cheeks began to form. I sighed to myself and spun on my heel to continue walking home. Instead of walking, I began to jog. I wanted to hurry up and reach the phone and call up my girlfriends: Joey, Samantha, Kayla, and Ariel. I decided to call Kayla because she was usually the one that hooked all the girls up on three way.
I walked inside my house and dashed into the kitchen. I grabbed the phone and dialed Kayla's number. After the third ring, someone answered.
"Hello?", I heard Kayla's voice say.
"Oh hey Katie, what's sup?"
"Nothing.", I smiled to myself. "Are you and the girls doing anything tonight, because Harry and the guys just invited us over to the field later on for a game of paint ball."
"Paint ball?", Kayla nearly shrieked. "Do you know how painful that is?"
I giggled. "I never played it before so I couldn't say."
"Alright, just let me call the others up, but I'm sure they'll say yes so no need in calling each other back.", Kayla giggled. "I'll see you and the other's there ok."
"Ok see ya."
I hung up the phone and grabbed my book bag. I ran up the stairs and headed towards my room to get ready. Fifteen minutes later, I walked out with a pair of ripped skinny jeans along with a pink floral tank top and white floral converses. I had my hair tied up in a high pony tail and a little bit of chap stick smeared across my lips. I was ready to go out. I walked down the stairs and peeked my head into the living room where my mom was sitting on the couch, typing on her lap top.
"Mom?", I asked.
"Yeah sweetie?"
"I'm going to go out with my friends for a while. I'll be back by nine."
It was more of a statement than a question. My mom said it was ok and told me to be careful. I agreed to it and made my way out the door. Fresh air had hit me and after I closed the door, I found myself running down the sidewalk and over towards the field.
The field was twenty minutes away from my house. It was kind of like a park, only more bigger and there was a lot of trees to have shade from. When I reached the field, I could already spot something blonde running across the field. I knew for a fact that was no other than Niall. I heard screams, talking and laughter and I knew by now, everyone was here. I could see the girls sitting on a bench, getting warmed up before the big game. Niall and Louis were already shooting each other with paint balls. I walked inside the gate and smiled.
"Hey Katie!", Niall laughed, running past me full speed.
"Hey Niall.", I smiled. "Hey Louis."
"Was sup Katie.", Louis laughed, running past me also as he ran after Niall.
I watched as Louis ran after Niall. Then, I walked over towards the girls. I greeted them.
"Hey ya'll. Missed me?", I smiled.
"No, but Harry did.", Ariel smiled, pointing over towards the end of the bench where Harry and Liam were. Liam laughed as Harry started to blush at what Ariel just said. Liam nudge him in the arm and Harry just pushed him away.
"Hey, are we gonna do this or what?", Harry asked.
All the girls got up and the rest of the guys came over. We gathered in a circle as Harry began to discuss the rules of the game.
"Alright, this game is going to be a boy versus girl kind of game. Whoever gets shot is out until the game finishes. The last one still standing wins the game. Simple enough, everyone got it?", Harry questioned.
Everyone exchanged looks with one another and nodded.
"How about we make it interesting?", Joey smirked.
"What you mean babe?", Zayn asked.
"Who ever is the winner, will get a prize. Let's say that one of us girls win, our prize would be that we chose one of you guys to take the winner shopping."
"Ok.", Louis smiled. "And if one of us win, what will our prize be?"
"Oh! I know!", Niall smiled. "If one of us wins, one of us will get a kiss from one of the girls we chose. Winner's choice."
All the boys exchanged looks and smirked at us girl. Harry was smirking at me and winked. I turned away quickly, blushing. I hoped nobody notice this, especially Harry.
"Ok.", Joey smirked. "It's a deal."
We all exchanged handshakes with each other to make sure the deal was official.
"Alright ladies.", Liam smiled. "Suit up. The games will begin in a couple of minutes."
The girls and I both nodded our heads and walked in the opposite direction towards the ladies restroom on the far left side of the field. I notice Samantha had two duffel bags in her hands. I wondered what was in them, but I soon found out.
As we entered the restroom, Samantha unzipped both the bags and in one bag was black, protection suits. In the other bag was the paint ball guns along with bags of pink paint balls.
"Alright girls.", Samantha smiled. "Let's armor up, load our weapons and make war."
"Yeah.", Kayla agreed. "Because there is no way we're going to loose this war."
Everyone nodded their heads and got dressed into the black, protection uniform. I was the first one to collect my gun and load it up with pink paint balls. I held the gun firmly in my hands and waited for the girls to come and collect there's.
We spend a total of ten minutes in the restroom. Once everyone was ready, I was the first one to open the door and step out. Bad mistake because now, balls were being shot my way and I was lucky enough that one didn't hit me yet. I let out a scream and started running over towards a tree. I heard the girls screaming from behind me and I could hear Joey called Zayn a cheater. I was laughing all the way over towards the tree. I quickly hid behind it and tried catching my breath. I looked back to see what was happening. I saw Joey and Samantha both trying to shoot at Louis and Niall who were shooting back at them. Neither of them got shot which was a good thing.
We played the game for almost an hour already. Zayn, Joey, Ariel, Louis, Samantha and Liam were all out. Now it was just Harry, Niall, Kayla and me. Kayla and I were hiding behind a tree while Harry and Niall were out looking for us. Kayla and I both came up with the same plan to sneak up behind the boys and shoot them both at the same time. I knew this plan couldn't possibly go wrong. When I heard Harry's voice, I knew he was getting closer. I held my gun firmly in my hand, waiting to strike when I saw Harry. When I saw his shadow on the other opposite side where I was, I quickly jumped out and held my gun up. Behind I could shoot, I heard two shots go off at the same time. I wasn't the one that got shot though. Neither did Harry get shot. I quickly spun around and saw Niall and Kayla both looking at each other laughing.
They both held their hands up in defeat. "We both give in.", they both said laughing.
I smiled and went to say something, until I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I looked down and saw a blue paint ball sticking to my leg for what was left of it. I looked up at Harry who was smirking.
"I won.", he smirked and winked at me.
I heard the rest of the guys run over towards us cheering. I too shocked and dumbstruck to even realize what just happened. Then, Kayla came running over towards me with a smile. The girls came over also and asked who won.
"Harry won.", Kayla smiled. "And we all know what that means..."
"Harry and Katie's gotta smooch!", Niall laughed, making kissing faces.
I rolled my eyes playfully. Harry threw his gun over his shoulder and held it firmly there. He walked over towards me with a slow pace. He stood now in front of me. His smirk didn't leave his face.
"Better puck er' up Kate because I think you owe me a prize.", Harry smiled.
I went to protest, but was cut off by a pair of lips smashing against mine. I was shocked at first, but I responded and wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him close. With the in Harry's one hand, he gripped my waist with the other to pull me towards him. I heard cheers and oh's in the background, but I could care less. There was nothing between us now. For some reason, this felt just right. Just being here, kissing Harry and being in his arms was all that mattered to me. From that moment on, I became Harry's girlfriend and we stayed together ever since.
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on November 13, 2013
I, I, that was so awesome! And awesome! And did I tell you how awesome it is?
on September 22, 2013
That was awesome!!!!!
on September 21, 2013
Thanks for making it
I love it
Wish there was more
on April 25, 2013