Surviving 3000 Part 2

Surviving 3000 Part 2

This is a story that I made because I had a dream about it. Not much to write about sooo I hope you enjoy it! I picked a picture of a chick because i can.

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The lights flickered as we walked through the drainage pipe. It was gloomy and dark as we came to the room. The door was bolted shut from the inside. “Hey, Belle, It’s me!” I said, gently knocking on the door. The door cringed open.
“Is it really you?” She said peeking behind the door. When she saw us, she opened the door as fast as she could. “Where’s brother?” I didn’t know what to tell her. I thought for a moment.
“He took a long, long, vacation to a faraway place. We won’t see him for at least 90 years.”
She looked down, worry clouding her eyes. Then she looked back up with a smile, and said
“At least we’re all safe!” I looked at my sister and said
“Yes, we are all safe right now.” She smiled then yawned. Zta-Zta walked over to her and laid down. Belle sat next to her and laid her head down. She started to breathe slower and slower.
“Alisha?” I turned around to see Dominic. He had bright blue eyes, his muscles (Like my brothers) were perfectly outlined under the shirt, he had slightly tanned skin and black hair.
“Yes?” He looked down, acting a little shy.
“You know your brother did that to protect us.” He looked up with sympathy in his eyes. For no reason, anger shot through me. I looked at him and said “HE KNEW! HE KNEW ABOUT THE ATTACK!!!” I fell on my knees and sobbed. He bent down and gave me a hug. I felt a warm sensation around me.
“I did it to protect you, you know that I’d never leave you.” Someone whispered into my ear. I looked up and saw that I wasn’t in the shelter anymore. I was surrounded by a brightly lit forest. A stream trickled nearby going to a small pond. I was in an open area, surrounded by torches placed in the ground. I saw my brother standing there.
“Hello, Alisha.” He said, opening his arms to welcome me. A smile lit up his face. He was happy here. I ran towards him and gave him a hug.
“I missed you. I missed you so much.” He laughed.
“I’ve only gone away just a while ago.” I looked at him, then a thought went into my mind. Why am I here?
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Comments (2)

Awesum dream girl! And I like the chick pic
on August 24, 2013
Cool I like having dreams, it gives me something to think about in the morning, and it doesn't make sleeping so boring LOL
on April 02, 2013