Love Mission - A Poem

Love Mission - A Poem

I love this poem!!! I hope you do too!!! I wrote it when i thought about someone i love. <3 <3

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My Poem of LOVE

Angel’s mission

I'm on a mission,
until I get tired,
I rest on a peak with a broken heart,
my mission will have to wait tomorrow,
years perhaps,
my heartache may break more,
sadness is sadness,
I have never experienced love or happiness,
but I know that even if I die alone, afraid and loveless,
I know that god will be with me forever,
for god is love and happiness
and when I get there my destiny will be fulfilled.

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Chapter 1

The sun beams down on me, wrapping me in a yellow blanket of warmth.
Today's gonna be a great day to hunt. I walk out of the forest and stand at the edge of a cliff, I turn around, tip back and fall. I feel the air rushing and pushing on me as I get close to the ground. Then I snap open my wings and fly. I feel the wind in my wings. My friends say that they sparkle like gold in the sunlight and sparkle like a jewel in the moonlight, yup that's me, a 12 year old girl with magic wings. This, is my story.
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