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Steven Universe Uncovered with Amazonite

Welcome to Steven Universe Uncovered, formerly known as DeBUNK'd Steven Universe. i'm Amazonite and I'm bringing you the scoop! You may know me from my old magazine, Gem Weekly! It was discontinued because it was a total rip off! Let's go!

published on February 21, 201629 reads 12 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
The Pink Diamond Theory

The Pink Diamond Theory

So... I think that Rose Quartz, the rebel leader, is PINK DIAMOND!!!
I know, you must think I'm crazy! But here's what I see...
You all know the 4-Diamond crest that is in Homeworld right? Well White Diamond is on top, and her gem is on her FOREHEAD! And Blue and Yellow Diamond are on the side, they have their gems on their chest, and there is Pink Diamond, on the bottom, and guess where Rose Quartz's gem was, that's right! Her stomach! That's under the forehead and chest... what do you think?
Also, when Pearl puts on her spacesuit, there is a clear PINK DIAMOND on her chest where her star is on her normal uniform. And we know how loyal Pearl was to Rose! And look at Pearl, she has PINK HAIR! Yellow and Blue Diamond's Pearls correspond too, so Pearl must be Pink Diamond or Rose's Pearl!
The evidence is clear! Rose Quartz is DEFINITELY Pink Diamond!
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Comments (2)

All of the diamonds have diamonds and not gemstones and Rose has a gem and not a diamond and Rose is a little to short to be one of the diamonds
on February 25, 2016
If you look at the background in the episode "it could have been great" there IS a pink statue that looks somewhat like rose quartz, so... maybe XD
on February 23, 2016