How well do u know baseball

If you like baseball or play baseball then this quiz is 4 u! Do u rlly know what you're doing on the field?

published on July 12, 201112 responses 3
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What does bunting do?

hits you a home run
gets the second base runner out
calls time to let you talk with the umpire
lets you add an extra strrike
gets you out but lets another player advance

Babe Ruth's real name is...

George Herman Ruth
Daniel Herman Ruth
James Bond
Allen Carter Ruth
Saul Ruth

If a ball is hit to the right of second base according to the batter who defends second?

center field
second baseman
first baseman

What base can't you slide on?


If there are two outs and you hit the ball a popup in the infield what will happen to you?

you get a walk
third base runner gets to steal home
you are out no matter what
its time for a coffee break
you get to skip second base

How does a catcher know if a pitch is a strike if the batter only partially swings

the batter has leaned his weight to his left leg
the ball is in the glove no matter what
the batter has the bat halfway across homeplate
i don't know
the batter's wrists will 'crack'

do foul balls count as strikes?


what's a double play?

two runners accidentally end up on the same base
the players get two runners out on one hit
the pitcher throws two strikes in a row
the pitcher throws two balls in a row
a batter hits a double