A riddle

A riddle

Can you guess who I am? So far, nobody can? Am I a snake? A bird or tiger? Maybe I am your next door neighbor?

published on October 01, 201319 responses 4
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What am I?

A friend
A snake
A nobody
A dream
Whoever you want me to be
A pickle
A ghost
Something else...

What is my name?


What are some things I can do that no one else can?

Hint: 4 choices
I can fly
I am sly
I can jump really high
I can hide
I can steal
I can wiggle my ears
I know everything
I can... Well, it's a secret
I can knit
I can pearl
I can see through walls
I can be big
I can be tall

Where do I live?

Hint: 3 choices
In a house in a town in the middle of nowhere.
In the woods.
In your house
I am homeless
On a farm
In the air
In the sea
In a tent
Up a tree
The place where you least expect me to be...

Who are you?