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am I unhealthily obsessed with jennifer lawrence?
I swear I can't stop thinking about her, if I am doing anything else i'm fine, but as soon as I have free time i'm looking up stuff about her, I even went so far as to set my desktop background to her ( picture is included) I j...
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how do I resist falling in love with a girl?
ok, so there is this girl that I have 7th hour with and we are in a group together ( just me and her) and she is so nice and she's really pretty, but she's taken so I don't want fall in love with her, but my heart keeps wanting...
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Cna you get permanent emotional problems from a major heartbreak?
so, about 2 years ago ( my Sophomore year in High School) I fell DEEP in love with this girl and even had her over at my house twice, I dated her for 2 weeks and my best friend took her from me, but every since then I find myse...
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is it possible to be turned on by a smell?
I was mowing my Uncles yard the other day, and needed to use the bathroom,so I went inside, the house had been abandoned for about a year almost due to marriage issues between my Uncle and his now ex wife, however I am getting ...
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Is there something seriously wrong with me?
so last year I went through a really bad heartbreak, and it seems that now everytime I see a really pretty girl/woman, I feel my heart drop, like I feel attraction, but at the same time I also feel overwelming depression becaus...
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