Why are there so many mistakes in Warrior Cats?

JSSJJSJSJ- I just don't understand why there are so many typos/mistakes in the books. There is a whole group of people working on these books. Don't they notice the mistakes or do they just have a really bad editor? Or do they have an editor at all? ( No offense to the lovely Erin Hunter group! ) But seriously, Graystripe, your kits are Feathertail and Stormfur. Not MIstystar and Stonefur. Mouse-brain!

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I'm going to chalk it down to bad editing and the fact it's a whole team of people. While yes, more people could help keep things more consistent it could also lead to more problems if there is a common misunderstanding. A larger group could also make it harder for things to stay consistent, which is probably why the quality of the writing itself varies.
on May 13, 2022
on May 09, 2022