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Fiery flames of hair, jumped around my shoulders. I was running away from the catastrophic ending I was about to endure. The street graffiti seemed unusually bright against the dim dusky dimness of the city. I speed up to get around a corner, with the pounding footsteps lurking behind me. A bright flash of light went through, unregistered beneath my minty green irises.

-"Mom!" the six year old me with auburn curls screamed, as my mothers crystal eyes went glassy, dull and lifeless, blood spilled from her mouth dripping onto the tiled floor below. red spotted, wallpaper matching the torn, bloody, dirty curtains.-

A shriek broke through the chaos somewhere near me, Torturous screams rose from the graves in the near distance. Flames leaped stupidly around my face, like they were trying to escape murk in a dark room, as I sprinted to the locked silver old fashioned graveyard gates. I love the graveyard, It's the only place the ghosts won't follow me.

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