A question about unicorns

I'm just wondering, but why are so many people obsessed with unicorns?
I'm scared of realistic unicorns, but I do like cartoon ones.
From stories I've heard, unicorns would grant your wish in a serious manner. So why are they used for random, crazy and funny convos?
Unicorns have literally took over dozens of online users.
BTW, this ISN'T a rant! I love unicorns myself! - well, cartoon ones anyway.

Can you please answer these questions?

How did unicorns get so popular? Other mythical creatures aren't that obsessed by so many.

Why are unicorns usually used for crazy, lol stuff? They're suppose to be well mannered creatures.
And yes, I know they aren't real :3.

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Mhm, I'm just ignoring that last sentence xD I used to be the most obsessed unicorn lover in my class until 2 girls I hate decided they love unicorns. '-' Idk why we like them that much it's like... they fly... they have a coloured horn. THERE IS NO ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION :3
on January 06, 2015
That's what I always wonder too. Unicorns are supposed to be majestic beings, not silly cartoon horses that spew up rainbows. When people say unicorns are 'random' and 'trendy' it makes me mad. :/
on January 06, 2015
Ever since they series M.L.P (My Little Pony) came out, people were getting overly crazy about unicorns. This due to the unicorns in the show. And then ever since P.F.U.D.O.R ( Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows ) came out, people started getting insane about unicorns. So, its pretty much just M.L.P who brought up unicorns. (I do not know this for sure, but for now this is an opinion)&[]&[]&[]<3
on January 10, 2015
I know why I am, hold up. I'll send put a link up.
on January 09, 2015
Because they fart rainbows. *^*
on January 07, 2015