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Do you know any good anime I could watch?
Preferably fantasy/supernatural or slice of life
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How to get rid of a sore throat?
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Should I change my username? >_<
I wanna change my username to Crystalia ^_^ But I also don't want to ¬_¬ Should I? If so what to? Or should I keep this username, the username I had through almost my Qfeast experience and is too special to be replaced? But I w...
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A question about moustaches
How did moustaches get so popular here in the internet? People are like "OMG LOL MUSTACH :D" Like they're hair right? O_O Though I have to admit, I am one of those people who like moustaches and don't know why. When did this ...
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A question about unicorns
I'm just wondering, but why are so many people obsessed with unicorns? I'm scared of realistic unicorns, but I do like cartoon ones. From stories I've heard, unicorns would grant your wish in a serious manner. So why are they u...
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Small or big tablet?
It's a long story - by that, I mean VEERRRYYY long.
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Are you a collecter, if so what do you collect?
Hair accessories and pretty stones.
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What's your favourite word?
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What do you do when you're helplessly bored?
What's the first anime you watched?
Mine is Pokémon
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Least favourite Fairy Tail character?
Lucy Heartfilia. I won't go through all the reasons , but I will tell you a few. Why does she have to be so weak? The only thing powerful of her are her celestial spirits. She's even scared of Aquarius ! - a celestial spirit t...
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Do you have different sides?
You have to understand the difference between moods and sides.
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Can you list all your Qfeast usernames? (If you had any before or changed it)
mlp1234 MagicWings Trixie BerryDash CrystalWings (current username) RizzyWings
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Which Qfeaster(s) do you want to meet in real life?
SydneyRosaRenee T^T *Virtual wug*
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What do you use for your internet/browser?
I use Google Chrome
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What was the first song you heard from your favourite singer?
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
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What do you think of frogs?
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What do you think will happen when we die?
What part do you play in Qfeast?
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Which is bigger , the internet or the world?