Any Ideas For My Webcomic?

So, if you read my most recent post, you know im looking for webcomic ideas (well, event wise). so here are the details so far, im not listing any events for sake of spoilers

Title: Impure
Quote: "All is Fair in Love and War"
Setting: Alma, Middle Earth
The story follows four teenagers on a quest for peace. An ancient curse has returned to the land from a time of old, and a the land is in the midst of a terrible war, the differences between the two factions, the Kendred and Shedan, have torn the land apart. a sinister evil, unknown to our heroes, is making its way through the country of Alma, and will only continue to tear the land apart until the two factions unite against it, but how can this happen when the two are at war, it will take these four (two from either faction) to unite the two sides, and finally return peace. The names of the main character are as follows (in order introduced, along with predicted chapter.

Martin Dunshire - Age 18- Male- Chapter 0
Leonardo "Leo" Wallace -Age 17- Male- Chapter 0
Linda "Lin" Baroo -Age 16- Female- Chapter 1
Noah Abash -Age 17- Male- Chapter 7/8

More information will be provided if asked for. thank you for any help :D

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