Bf Help (girls only)

So, basically 10+ boys have a crush on me, and they are hiding it, IK IT, so i got brown hair, blue eyes, hourglass figure is what they say if you have ehh, basically curves! so i have a boyish voice i love video games, im one of the cool/bad kids in school (well i wouldnt say bad) i have a lot of friends, they are girls , and i think thats it, oh! nope! i like boy stuff, super heros and my fav colors are black, blue, red, and my clothing has is girl clothing, (go figure :P) so yea i got more things but i dont want to tell all, ps im 12, haha, ok so i hope there will be something positive! thx for reading and i hope for a helpful reasponse!

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Wait you're 12 and you have an hourglass figure?
on March 17, 2016
on August 23, 2015
Well, if you like them, tell them., unfortunately, I learned that the hard way,☺️, my friend told my crush that I liked him good thing is, he already knew. YAY! Anyway just go tell them if you like them or not
on January 30, 2016
You need to tell all the guys you don't like them. ???
on December 10, 2015