Is there something seriously wrong with me?

so last year I went through a really bad heartbreak, and it seems that now everytime I see a really pretty girl/woman, I feel my heart drop, like I feel attraction, but at the same time I also feel overwelming depression because I know I can't have her, but it is not just one woman, this happens with women who I just happen to see in walmart, or around town, it's even worse if I know them personally, cause then I stalk their facebook and other social media profiles, why? because it seems that looking at their pictures has a euphoric affect on me, idk y, I just do it, and I wish I could stop, but nothing I do can stop my problem...

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Probably an effect of your heartbreak.....Try talking and getting to know girls. They're not all going to reject you. But don't be a creep. I think maybe take up a new hobby or doing something new that might take your mind off girls and women could help. Don't be hung up on her. She's gone mate. Focus on something else that takes up your time instead.
on June 02, 2014
It's another method of dealing with the pain of your heartbreak. I know things are hard right now but watching pretty women isn't going to make things better and it might reach a level that you shouldn't go to... Talk to me please so I can help you more :) you can private message or go to my wall.
on June 01, 2014