What was the Weirdest/Best/Scariest/Reoccurring Dream you Ever had?

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Answers (3)

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My weirdest dream was a dream about me asleep in bed having a dream
on December 05, 2015
I had a dream where I was in an aquarium with all my class mates and each time I had this dream, I would leave the class group and I would see this boy on a deck he would say that he has a pet whale and I would look down and I would be in the water on top of the whale and then I would leave and go back the class group and every time I would see this angry girl with red hair and she would push me into the aquarium and drown me and then a teacher would run up to me and help me up See More▼
on December 04, 2015
I have so much dreams XD
on November 27, 2015