Why Do They (The Popular Girls) Socialize With Me?

Okay, I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but I"m really annoyed and confused. I'm, or at least was a harsh bitter person, everyone in the school knew about that for a long time, it was so bad, I would get "power surges" do to a long ago past (3 years to be exact). Well, recently, I've opened up more to my friends and have been loosening up, but I still hated the popular guys, namely the athletes, cheer leaders, etc. Well, these popular athletic girls all of a sudden keep talking to me, and my friends. This started only slightly last year, but it's getting more and more ever since I opened up. Now, like I said, I don't like popular people, especially since I'm kinda starting to turn into one myself. And what's even worse, I'm starting to develop a crush on one of these girls, which I don't want. Any advice, it's getting a bit wacky...

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