is it possible to be turned on by a smell?

I was mowing my Uncles yard the other day, and needed to use the bathroom,so I went inside, the house had been abandoned for about a year almost due to marriage issues between my Uncle and his now ex wife, however I am getting off topic here, so I walked into the house, and there was just this absolutely amazing smell, like a new house smell almost, it smelt soooo good, to the point I got addicted to it somehow, it became Euphoric, I felt actually kinda aroused by it, is this an uncommon thing? now, it was strongest in the back room, my cousin's old room, she is a year younger than me, but I always thought she smelled amazing, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I think I had a crush on her when we were little but that was YEARS ago i'm 17 now & she's 16, could there be any potential correlation here?

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That is unusual but people can get high on the smell of concentrated glue and liquid whiteout so possibly you could be addicted to this smell. When I was younger ( and now but way less) I loved this stuffed teddy bear and he always smelled so familiar and it calmed me down so it really could be lots of different stuff
on July 13, 2014
on June 22, 2014
Smell is very powerful in bringing back memories :) maybe it made you remember when you had a crush on your cousin. If you thought she smelt amazing then it probably would be hard to change that in your mind. Attraction can't really be controlled, though people can choose not to act on it.
yeah... but I don't want to remember that, she never knew how I felt, besides, she's my cousin, what is weird is that I get aroused by that smell in the house, I don't remember ever getting that feeling before...
on June 15, 2014
on June 14, 2014