What is article 13?

Please don’t give me a link to Matpat’s video on this. Although entertaining, I don’t trust him on a resource. Also, please no bias on the article (for, against, it’ll directly effect everyone, it won’t, etc.) unless polite.

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Article 13 isn't just a "meme ban" like everyone says it is. If the Eu votes yes for it to come into affect, Article 13 will ban everyone from using copyrighted material unless they have express, direct permission from the copyright holder. This means no more memes with screenshots or clips from tv shows. No more youtube animations with copyrighted music in the background. No more amvs, edits, ytps, theories, or anything with footage of copyrighted material. This won't just affect See More▼
Basically spells “meme ban”
on December 09, 2018
on November 27, 2018