when will I get my first period (3)

so I haven't started yet but I need help. maybe some signs or something. when I was 10 I started puberty (breast development). a couple months later I got pubic hair and armpit hair and It was thin at first but eventually it got thick and dark. more months later I got discharge so I was 11 and ive had discharge for 2 years now which would mean im 13 and I turn 14 in two months and I started out with little and then loads to where I could feel it when I walk but now I don't feel it and I barely see it in my undies. my mom was 14-15 when she started her first period but I don't really know what certain age because she doesn't remember but she said she was in 8th or 9th grade and im going to be in either grade in like 2 months . but about 2 weeks ago I think I experienced cramps in my lower abdomen. but I only got it once or twice that day and I haven't gotten them ever since. I have no clue what else to look for . my breast have been a little sore some days like if I move them. don't think that's weird but please help me!

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You'll probably get it very soon.
on July 08, 2015