What does it mean when your bf doesn't really talk to you?

So my boyfriend asked me out a month from this friday coming up. And we never really hang out at school or after school but we text a lot. The people i hang out with, we are like the popular people in our school, the people you see and think why can't i be like them or hang out with them. He is like that chill nerdy kid and now i'm not so sure if i wanna be in a relationship with him because i can't trust him. He has cheated on me in previous relationships.

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ik i sometimes don't text my girlfriend when i need space, but I doubt that's what's going on here. you should really talk to him because as harsh as it sounds this really doesn't sound like a good relationship
on January 24, 2016
That dating is St. Upid.
That he doesn't wanna talk.
He is always talking to peeps tho
on January 13, 2016
on January 13, 2016