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Chocolate or Vanilla?
Which do you like better?
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Red or Black?
Would you rather see everything in red or everything in black?
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Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent?
Which is your fav? Which is ur least fav?
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Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj?
Which one do u like better, which one is prettier, who is the fake one?
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Do you have a bae?
If you do list their names and state the reason why they are your bae. Then follow me plz!
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What does it mean when your bf doesn't really talk to you?
So my boyfriend asked me out a month from this friday coming up. And we never really hang out at school or after school but we text a lot. The people i hang out with, we are like the popular people in our school, the people you...
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Who wants to follow an amazing person like me?
I want more followers and i don't really know how to get them besides this.
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Why did my crush tell me that he likes me the moment i get a bf?
I dropped hints to my crush that i liked him for 3months and then bam my ex wants to go out again so i said sure and then the day after my crush asked me out. I died inside!
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