Me and my best friend are into different things. It sometimes gets in the way. What should I do?

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Try to compramise on what to do (sorry im a bit bad a spelling) My friends and I had a compitition on what to do where we all thought of a contest and who ever had the most points at the end won and got to do their thing first second place got to do theirs second, and third went third! But with my friends one started yelling at me with my contest, when HER CONTEST WAS RUNNING AND SHE KNEW SHE WOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NO, I WASNT ALLOWED TO DO MY CONTEST BECAUSE SHE See More▼
on August 13, 2014
Im so sorry to hear that but me and friends dont like the same things either but we dont let it get in the way at all like i like sweet tea and 1 of my friends dont but we dont let it mess up out friendship or nothing.
on May 20, 2014