How to get over sadness

My best friends said that they wouldn't be my best friends anymore because something someone said. Even though it was a lie they decided not to believe me. I have gone through stages of extreme sadness to where if anyone would mention their name I could barley stand up. What could help me get over that sadness.

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My dad tickles me to get me to stop crying
on April 01, 2015
Well first get all your crying out! then listen to music and dance around like nothing happened, next you talk to her, then is she still doesn't believe you get a new friend!
on August 13, 2014
Get new friends. Be like "later losers!" and go and have fun with the new friends who will actually believe you if something like this was to happen again. Obviously, the old ones didnt deserve you. It hurts now, but later you'll be thankful for the friends who stayed with you the whole time. (If you want to continue being all depressed though, I have 1 or 2 poems posted dealing about friendship so if you wanna check them out feel free). Anyway, hope this helps. If you need See More▼
on November 05, 2013