Im a 14 year old girl and I want to start ballet

Okay Im 14 and if you've read my previous question, its says im 5ft
From the age of 10/11 I've been super flexible, I could do handstands, front spilts/side splits, cartwheels and so on but Now im 14 Im quite flexible but I cant do the splits anymore.
I think that its awesome. Is their a certain weight you need to be or a certain height?After I started watching ballet performances and ribbon dance performances I started to fall in love with it. I don't want ballet as a career ... but I'm not sure about that yet. ^-^
OHHHH and My top bit is much Skinner than the lower part of my body, my butt is just huge and my thighs are huge too... My mum says that it might be because I have alot of leg muscle or it might just be fat ( I eat alot but I don't gain weight ) So im a little embarrassed of wearing the ballet costumes you use.
what ballet places are there in london and is it boys separate to girls(in different rooms), not that I have a problem but its just my lower half .-. Thank yoooouuu

P.s Im indian as well,

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I used to do Ballet! Its awesome! I stopped cuz it was to expecive at the time ^.^U I would go again if I could though!
on May 09, 2015
I have been in ballet since the age of six!
And no worries about weight or height!

While dancing in ballet, believe me if you have any fat it will truly disappear in about two weeks of you starting classes.
When you start don't expect to be automatically put in pointe or grande shoes just yet!
If you have never danced in ballet before, you need ALOT of training before going into pointe shoes!!!

If you never danced ballet, you will be in a beginners class, try searching for See More▼
on June 11, 2014
you need to be roughly 8 foot, and weigh 40kg
on March 20, 2014
I don't know any in London but I go to one way different from London u should start xxx so be unique hav fun it's amazin I'm entering a competition for ballet next week x
on November 18, 2013