What stroy would you read first?

All right so I have a few unfinished stories and I don't know wich one to finish first! If you'd like to be a character in one of them, please answer with basic character information. Anyways, after 10 replies I will start finishing the story that wins. But I will be taking character forms after it's picked!

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I'm SparrowClaw
Young female warrior in RiverClan
Mainly white with orange smudges
Yellow fur in ears and on belly
Picky eater, will not eat birds or rabbits, or voles, only eats fish, and not very many
And run very fast and jump very high See More▼
Sorry but medicine it taken. Her younger sister can be Willowpaw/claw. But Sparrowclaw is accepted. She'll appear in ch. 2
on August 11, 2013
on August 11, 2013