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I have a question about London, England. (or england in general) i currently live in canada and am in the eleventh grade. I am planning on taking my grade 12 year in london, england. However, is it true that london has 13 years of high school not 12? So if i went, would i have to take two years instead of one? if so, and if only go there for one year (my 12th year) and come back to canada, would i not be graduated? would i have to take extra schooling here to graduate?

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In England, you have nursery and reception which is from 3-5 and you then have Primary School, 5-11. You then move onto Secondary school from 11-16 and afterwards College, 16-18. It's then University whichg varies in ages.
Basically, Nursery and Reception are Pre-Kindergarden, Primary is Kindergarden to 6th grade, Secondary school is 7th grade to 10th grade, College is 11th grade to 12th grade and University is College.
on March 24, 2016
In primary you are taught from 3 or 4 - 11 then you go to high school from 11-17 so you will have 5 years if you stay in high school. We dont have middle schools ;)
on February 13, 2013