What kind of boy do you fall for?

What kind of boy do you fall for?

This quiz will tell you what kind of boy you like. I will make one about girls soon.

published on September 28, 201570 responses 11
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What would you most appreciate your boyfriend getting you for your birthday?

A telescope
A picture of us together
A teddy bear
Tickets to the football game

What kind of outfit do you think looks cutest on a boy?

Any flirty clothes
Jeans and a button-up shirt
A tuxedo
It doesn't matter
A sports uniform
Designer clothes

What text would you love to get from a boy?

Hey there, cutie ;) meet me in the locker room after school & i'll make u happy
You must be the north pole to my south pole of a magnet, because I'm attracted to you!
Good morning, hottie :*
You looked beautiful 2day in that dress. It really complimented ur figure.
Hey pumpkin wanna come to the sports game 2night?
I'll pick u up @ 4 be looking for me!! I'll be in the red sports car

What do you want a boy to do when he sees you?

Run up and kiss me
Smile and wave
Give me a peck on the cheek
Give me a quick hug
Grin or wink
Embrace me and make out with me

Where would your dream date take place?

At a romantic eatery
At a museum
In the closet... *wink* (Me: Ewwww gross!)
In a park
At a sports game
At an expensive restaurant

Which celebrity boy would you love to date?

Harry Styles
Ansel Elgort
Zayn Malik
Niall Horan
Taylor Lautner
Justin Bieber

What quality is most important to you in a boy?

How flirty they are
Their intelligence
How handsome they are
How thoughtful they are
How athletic they are
The amount of money they have

Which food would you most want to have on a date?

Fruits or vegetables
Expensive steak

Which compliment would you love to get from a boy?

"You are amazing."
"You are a genius!"
"You're so gorgeous."
"You are really nice."
"Your body shape is amazing."
"You deserve the best."

What would you wear on a date that would impress your boyfriend?

A cute dress
Lots of makeup
A pretty hairstyle
Something that shows off my figure
Expensive jewelry