Would We Be Friends? (13)

Okay, so I'm pretty much friends with everyone but this quiz is going to tell you if I'd enjoy being friends with you. So if you're looking for a new friend or you're just bored, hopefully I can make your day a little more social;) Also keep in mind that this quiz will be asking you about your personality, NOT your interests because I don't believe you have to have common interests with someone in order to be friends with them.

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Would We Be Friends? (13)
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Be honest: Are you a positive person?

Yes! I find a bright side to everything:D
No.. I'm angry most of the time because there's nothing to be happy about.
I prefer the word "practical".

Are you extremely religious?

Yes! I go to church every weekend, pray every day, and live by the lessons they preach at church.
I only go to church on holidays...so does that count?
No. I'm atheist/I just say I belong to a religion but I don't participate in its traditions.

Are you random?

Yes; I just say what pops out of my mouth.
No. I see it like it is.
Sometimes; it depends on my mood.

Be honest: Do you gossip? (This means that if you hear something from someone about someone else, you have to tell someone right away)

Yeah.. I just can't help it!
No, never! I HATE drama!
Every once in a while, but it has to be REALLY juicy.

If I showed you or told you about something I really liked and you thought it was lame, what would you do?

Tell a white lie and say you like it too.
Laugh and ask me if I'm joking.
Ask me more about it and not voice your opinion unless I ask for it.

Do you complain a lot?

Yes; life's borrringgg
No, not really. What's there to complain about?
If I'm in a bad mood then yeah.

What is one thing you WOULD NOT be able to stand if your friend did it constantly?

Random singing
Getting straight-A's
Laughing 24/7
Bathroom & sexual humor
Being interested in dark things like dark clothing, music, movies, etc.
Never invites you to do something/You're putting in more effort into the friendship
Screams at bugs
Hates on mean people
Chewing with their mouth open
Telling you the same story for the millionth time as if they've never told you before
More than one in the first 5 answers
More than one in the second 5 answers
More than one in both halves

Do you ever interrupt people when they talk, even if it's because you're excited about something?

Yes; I interrupt people all the time even though I don't mean to.
No, never! I find it so annoying, and besides. I can wait to tell my friend(s) what I want to say.
Sometimes if I'm really excited and can't wait to share something.

Do you ever go on your phone when you're hanging out with someone?

Yes; don't judge me! I get bored sometimes but I also need to check to see if my mom texted me and if
anyone posted anything on instagram.
No. I'm against phones/I don't have a phone/I think it's rude to go on your phone when you're hanging
out with someone so I never do it.
Sometimes if we've hit a dead end in our conversation.

Are you boy/girl-crazy?

Yes; I love being in a relationship!
No, I'm not interested in being in a relationship/I'm in a normal amount of relationships.
I have phases..

Do you swear a lot?

Yes; It's a habit at this point/I don't see what the big deal is.
No; I'm totally against swearing because it's completely unnecessary and unclassy.
Only if I get really mad or I'm telling a joke and it's a catch phrase or something.

Are you clingy or do you tend to always want to be close to people (physically and mentally)?

Yes; I feel lonely when I'm not with my friends.
No; I'm fine with being alone sometimes.
Not really but I like to be around people and that can come off as clingy.

Do you text or write in abbreviations like "lol", "omg", or "ily", etc.?

Yes; it's so much faster to write that way!
No; it's SO annoying! What, are people too lazy to spell out the words?
Sometimes if I get excited or want to write a story really fast.

If we had clashing opinions on a controversial topic (like same sex marriage, for instance), what would your reaction be?

Instantly hate me but still respect my opinion.
Defend your opinion.
Nod and feel uncomfortable .
Silently disagree but act nice about it and try to change the subject.

If you didn't already know, I am a girl. However, I am a tomboy and I have very few girly qualities about myself. Would this annoy you?

Yes; Tomboys can be really gross and annoying.
No; I like tomboys.
I don't really care. Be who you want to be; it's not going to affect my perception of you.

If something bothers you, do you speak up?

Yes; I voice my opinions in a calm manner. If my friend is doing something that bothers me, I'll tell them
and politely ask them to stop.
No; I'd rather just not cause drama. I'll suck it up and deal with it.
If it really gets on my nerves, but usually I don't.

Do you get angry easily?

Yes; I tend to blow up at people and have to apologize later.
No; I have good self-control and it takes a lot to really anger me anyway.
Not really, but certain things really get under my skin.

Are you self-conscious?

Yes; I can't help but look in the mirror and hate what I see.
No; I couldn't care less what people think of me!
Sometimes; I'm extremely confident about myself but every once in a while I get nervous about

Pick one personality trait that you believe bests describes you.


In your group of friends, you are the...

Shy one
Kind one
Smart one
Funny one
Weird one
More than one of these