Would I be your friend? (3)

Would I be your friend? (3)

This is a quiz to let you know if I would be your friend if we met. Enjoy the quiz!

published on October 20, 201721 responses 13 5.0★ / 5

Do you accept my belief in magic?

Yes, I love magic!
Yes, but I don't like magic.
Magic? No, magic is bad! Witchcraft! (Me: Not all magic is bad)

Are you loco-in-the-coco (crazy)?

Yes! All the time! 😜
A bit, but I'm logical sometimes.
No, being serious is better than stupid fun. (Me: Well duck you too)

Do you like animals?

Awww! YES!

Would you help me if I needed?

Of course!
Depends what it is.
No, do things for yourself lol

Are you clingy?

Yes, I'm gunna be your only friend!!
No, you can have other friends too :)

And finally, are you smart?

Yea! I'll always give you facts!
Yes, but not to the point where I'm telling you facts all the time.
A bit...not dumb tho