Which Famous Jammer are You?

Which Famous Jammer are You?

julian2, Aparri, Lilac, Wisteriamoon. Which of these cool cats from jamaa are you most like? Find out in this awesome quiz!

published on March 07, 201631 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

Did you like the questions i asked?

I am making a video of them.
I make quizzes too!
It could be better.
Ya sure.

Do people come to your den?

No its filled with minnows.
Its full 24\7
It's a hang out spot for a lot of jammers.
Almost full!

Whats your favorite rare?

My top hat.
Elf tail.
My spike.
I like certain ones. Ill give you my opinion on them i you want.

Are you rare?

Yes. I get lots of rares from my fans!
Yes, but heres what i think of them...

What is your favorite color?

Rustic colors like brown or grey
All of them