First Kiss! Part Two: Where will it happen? (For girls only)

First Kiss! Part Two: Where will it happen? (For girls only)

Part two to my "First Kiss!" quiz series! You can take them in any order, but it's best if you start with the first one. Anyway, this one will tell you where you will have your first kiss! Again, I apologize if you take this quiz and you're bisexual or lesbian.

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What would you want your dream boy to look like?

Kind of tall, messy reddish hair, freckles, muscular
Handsome, neat black hair, gorgeous eyes, muscular
Tall and muscular, with a mop of brown hair, and rosy cheeks
Messy blonde hair, average height, bright green eyes
It doesn't matter what's on the outside - only inner beauty matters!

Imagine you and your boyfriend were walking along when you tripped. What would you want your boyfriend to do?

Catch me just in time
Ask if I was okay
Wait for me to get up
Heroically extend a hand
Pretend to trip, so we could laugh about it later

Oh no! Your school dance has been canceled! What's your reaction?

It's no big deal - I play some music and have my own dance party at home
I storm to my room and call my friend to rant
I call my boyfriend and ask him to meet me somewhere else instead
I flop on the couch and die of boredom
I wasn't planning on going anyway, so it doesn't matter

What would you be most likely to wear on a date?

Short-shorts, flip flops, and a crop top
A tight dress, heels, and makeup
A cute skirt, gauzy shirt, and sandals
Jeans, heeled boots, and a t-shirt
Tight pants, sneakers, and a tank-top

How much makeup do you own?

None - I'm all for the natural look
I own some makeup, but not a lot
A good amount
I have a lot! I need it!
A TON!!! I can't live without it!

How much makeup do you USE?

I just told you - none!
Every once in a while, I put some lip gloss on, but that's it
I usually just put on some foundation, blush, and mascara
I'll normally put on some foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick
Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick... Pretty much EVERYTHING!

Would you call yourself "romantic"?

Not really
It depends on the situation
Well, I'm FLIRTY... does that count?

Which present would you be most excited to get?

A gift card to my favorite store
A cute outfit
A new pair of sneakers

Which word describes you best?


How much jewelry do you own?

I don't own ANY jewelry
A little...
I own more than enough
A pretty good amount
I own a LOT of jewelry - it's crazy!

How much jewelry do you USE?

Argh - I just said, NONE!
Every once in a while I'll wear a necklace or bracelet
I'll use ALL of it if I go somewhere important, but it's usually untouched
I use quite a lot - I can never go to school without my favorite necklace and some cute bangles
Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings... I use it ALL!